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            Michael Perlmutter 


Mr. Perlmutter is a former senior IRS Estate Tax attorney with 27-years experience specializing in valuation related issues, especially intellectual property assets (such as music and film copyrights and name and likeness).  Now in private practice, Mr. Perlmutter provides valuation and federal tax related consultation services, expert witness testimony and the preparation of professional valuation appraisal reports. 

Mr. Perlmutter maintains active licenses as a California attorney (JD) since 1997, California Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 2004, and holds certifications as a National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts Certified Business Valuation Specialist (CVA) since 2009 and Accredited in Business Appraisal Review (ABAR) since 2010.

Mr. Perlmutter's work at the IRS included reviewing thousands of valuation appraisals ranging from real property, business and intellectual property assets as well as being involved with the IRS audit selection and performance process. Mr.  Perlmutter knows how to spot the "red flags" that can provoke an audit.  In fact, Mr.  Perlmutter wrote valuation related IRS training materials and taught and mentored IRS Estate tax attorneys. He presented in front of IRS Appeals Officers and participated in a landmark high dollar tax court case involving complex legal and valuation related issues.  Mr. Perlmutter presented tax and valuation related topics at the annual IRS Live CPE Telecasts, for the AICPA, ASA, Probate Referee and Hawaii Tax Institute Seminars and for the LA Jolla State Bar Association.

At the IRS, Mr. Perlmutter used his legal, financial, accounting and IRS background to successfully challenge many high powered legal, CPA and valuation firms in determining the correct asset values.  And now in private practice, it is these same firms that are hiring Mr. Perlmutter to be on their team.  Clients are taking advantage of Mr. Perlmutter's insider IRS knowledge and experience to leverage their positions against government auditors.  There are intricate, fact-based industry methods for finding the right valuation to oppose over-valued IRS sourced appraisals, with their unsupported assumptions and unreasonable conclusions.  Mr. Perlmutter's experienced legal, financial and valuation skills have resulted in significant savings for high net-wealth clients. 

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