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Consultation and Appraisal Review

We provide valuation advice, guidance and litigation support.


Your need may be related to tax, buy/sell, divorce, litigation or internal purposes.   As a result we apply appropriate methodology, assumptions and data relevant for the stated purpose in determining the correct valuation.  


We also review appraisals for errors, omissions and inconsistencies that affects its credibility.  We look for incidents of over- and under-valuation issues and the strengths and weaknesses of the appraisals.  

For tax purposes, we use our wealth of IRS experience to evaluate appraisals for IRS audit potential and financial exposure and assistance in the valuation process, especially as to how the IRS may present the issues as well as how to prepare an appraisal that would decrease the chance of an IRS audit. 

Valuation Appraisals


Valuation Appraisals

Our professional Appraisals are solid, credible and defensible.

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We specialize in valuing:

  • intellectual property (music/film/sports copyrights, trademarks, patents, brand, name & likeness rights)

  • business interests (including partial interest discounts) 

  • real property (fractional interest discounts).   


Our team of professionals have decades of valuation industry and Internal Revenue Service experience, providing another layer of confidence that the appraisal is done right, is credible, defensible and is consistent with strict valuation standards. 

We perform the valuation appraisals for many different purposes, including:

  • Tax compliance

  • Litigation

  • Divorce

  • Buy / Sell and Mergers / Acquisitions

  • Internal requirements


Royalty Compliance,

Business Management Audits


Protect your intellectual property and the royalty stream it generates.

Royalty Picture.jpg

We have partnered with the Royalty Compliance Organization ("RCO"), an association of professional firms dedicated to providing clients with solutions to royalty compliance and collection issues by performing royalty compliance audits, recording and copyright valuations, licensing and profit participation engagements and such ancillary services as financial due diligence in connection with sales and acquisitions, litigation support, and other related client needs.  The principals of RCO are Wayne Coleman and Darla Crain.


RCO has one of the largest compliance examination practices in the entertainment, intellectual property and intangible asset fields around the world with affiliates in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, St. Louis and London.  For over forty-six years, RCO management and staff have performed engagements throughout the world on behalf of licensors, artists, writers and other profit participants.  RCO experience includes thousands of engagements for compliance examination services resulting in additional benefits for RCO clients from 10% to 50% of the amount previously reported.


Capitalizing on their versatility developed from the common aspects of compliance auditing, RCO expanded rapidly from music into merchandising, recording, music publishing, motion picture, video, television, book publishing, brand licensing, sports licensing, computer software, and providing compliance services to licensors of commercial rights and trademarks.  RCO experience in this area extends to applying certain procedures at software distributors, book publishers, and toy, apparel, and game manufacturers.  In more recent years, as the industry became acquisition minded, RCO broadened their services to include the areas of financial due diligence and asset valuations.  Additionally, RCO provides forensic accounting and litigation support services.

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