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Review of appraisals of interests in intellectual property, business entity and real property assets for errors, omissions and inconsistencies to determine the credibility, reasonableness and defensibility of the appraisals.

Evaluate the methodologies applied, assumptions used, adequacy of the analysis and supporting documentation, appropriateness of the size of any discounts and the reasonableness of the concluded value.

Identify potential IRS audit red flags and audit financial exposure risks. 

Prepare full professional appraisals of the subject assets.


Experience - Senior IRS Estate Tax attorney with 27-years experience, specializing in valuation related issues, as well as being an active California attorney, CPA, Certified Business Valuation Specialist and valuation appraisal reviewer. 

Appraisal review - Reviewed thousands of tax returns containing thousands of asset valuation appraisals ranging from real property, business and intellectual property assets.  Was also involved with the IRS audit selection process, so I know how to spot those "red flags" that can provoke an audit. 


Knowledge - Wrote valuation related training materials and taught and mentored IRS Estate tax attorneys. Presented in front of IRS Appeals Officers as well as participated in a landmark high dollar tax court case involving complex legal and valuation related issues.

Interactions - Using my legal, financial, accounting and IRS background, I have successfully challenged many high powered legal, CPA and valuation firms in determining the correct asset values.  And now, It is those same firms that are hiring me to be on their team.

Results - Now in the private industry, I am in the advantageous position of using my extensive IRS knowledge and experience to consult and produce valuation appraisals that are credible and defensible, and which may increase the chance of withstanding an IRS audit challenge.

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